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Neureal is currently building the prototype for a decentralized and open-source predictive AI machine built on the blockchain. This AI will be capable of predicting the future, from humanitarian use cases such as predicting hurricanes, and deciding on the safest evacuation routes, to the market fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin.

There are major benefits to using blockchain, including accessing the amount of data necessary to train their AI program, and unlimited scalability, and in order to accomplish this Neureal is building its own blockchain for this project. There is also a token component to this project, which is intended to incentivize interaction with the platform.

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Neureal will open up contests where people can use their open-source code to develop their own AI machine in order to predict something. As you win contests, you will be rewarded with their token. They are currently in a pre- pre-sale for their token, with the pre-sale beginning in late 2018 O1 or early Q2.

They are currently building and testing the prototype of their AI program, and are planning on a full software release in roughly two years, with the release of AI bots to follow.

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For more information, visit www.

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