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The idea for Bloomio came about while doing due diligence research for investors who were interested in particular coins and projects. Bloomio’s founder gathered like-minded people, and came up with the idea for a venture capital fund that concentrates solely on seed-stage startups.

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Bloomio uses crowd-funded money to grow these startups until they reach the point where they can receive more traditional venture capital.

Investments with Bloomio can be made for as little as $50 USD, which helps democratize the investment market. Bloomio also creates a token for each startup, which can be kept by investors or traded on a secondary market–because of this, Bloomio is fully compliant with AML/KYC regulations. Overall, Bloomio wants to work with startups that will create new industries, or increase scalability and transparency in currently existing industries.

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Though they have not had their official launch yet, they are already accepting interested startups.

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Max also discusses the future of regulation in the cryptocurrency space, the benefits that blockchain can bring.

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