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Jeff Garzik has a long background in the technology field, and was deep into cloud computing and distributed technologies when he discovered Bitcoin in 2010. Though he was initially skeptical, he has since seen the all the new things that are possible with blockchain technology. He is the current head of Bloq, which provides enterprise blockchain solutions to companies around the world.

They are currently working with SpaceChain Foundation to put a blockchain node in space, which will allow for multi-tenant platforms to be run on satellites. They are also working on a decentralized cryptocurrency called Metronome, a self-governing cryptocurrency that does not hold any keys.

Another project that he is excited about is working with local autonomous AIs that help reduce pollution and increase energy efficiency by rewarding actions that benefit the local community and the region as a whole. Jeff also discusses who he thinks Satoshi Nakamoto is, and his thoughts on the unique position that he holds in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces.

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