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What can be done to promote global prosperity?

Press play for the answer, and to learn:

  • What factors contribute to inflation in the U.S.
  • What three structural weaknesses exist in developing countries that struggle with weak currencies
  • What economic problems are worsened by tourists
  • Why the U.S. may need to restart the basis of the U.S. economy in coming years

Associate professor of economics at Denison University and President of the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity, Fadhel Kaboub, has held research affiliations with Levy Economics Institute and the Harvard Kennedy School.

As an expert on modern monetary theory (MMT), which includes the Green New Deal and job guarantee, Kaboub’s work is centered around the use of public policy to enhance monetary and economic sovereignty in the Global South.

MMT is an approach that challenges the mainstream policy framework, which generally states that the government can only afford to pay for things that we can raise tax revenues from, or borrow from financial markets. Beyond that, the mainstream policy framework posits that anything the government pays for would be inflationary, eventually bankrupting the country.

This is where MMT comes in and says…Not necessarily…We have plenty of spending capacity, we just aren’t tapping into it.

Kaboub explains that different countries have different degrees of untapped spending capacity, such as the Green New Deal, inequality in healthcare, and climate change mitigation, all of which he says can be addressed without hitting inflation constraints.

He discusses many of the common strategies suggested for strengthening economies in developing countries, and why and how these strategies fail.

Long-term strategic views are critical for maintaining a sovereign monetary system and geopolitical influence, says Kaboub. He dives into the details of all this and so much more.

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