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Tune in to our fascinating chat about biblical history with Marc Brettler!

Marc is a member of the American Academy for Jewish Research and the Council of the Society of Biblical Literature. In addition to this, Marc is the Bernice and Morton Lerner Professor in Judaic Studies at Duke University, where he researches subjects such as the Hebrew Bible, biblical historical texts, the Bible and gender, the book of Psalms, and more…

The complexities of biblical history continues to astound scholars to this day. Whether you are newly exploring spirituality or a theological aficionado, this podcast is sure to pique your interest!

Join us now to hear Marc talk about:

  • The various forms of the Hebrew language that have existed throughout history.
  • What happened to Judaism when there was very little Hebrew being spoken.
  • What biblical poetry is, and its historical significance.
  • How many authors may have contributed to the book of Psalms.

By clicking here, you can find out more about Marc Brettler and his research!

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