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Space historian, author, and founder of the website Behind the Black, Bob Zimmerman, shares compelling insight into the world of his expertise on space information and the latest space technology.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • Why Zimmerman believes the Apollo 8 mission in 1968 had the greatest historical and cultural impact
  • Why JFK sent us to the moon and how he used the Soviet model to do it
  • The current transition from governmental control to the privately-run industry in space exploration, and how NASA’s bureaucracy has attempted to slow this transition

“You cannot separate space exploration from the politics…and the culture of its time,” says Zimmerman. He discusses the Apollo program—the individual missions and the overall purpose and outcome of it. He also discusses the Space Shuttle program and why it largely failed to meet its supposedly intended goal.

So, what is the aim of most projects focused on the moon? Zimmerman says it’s to explore the potential of permanently shadowed craters on the moon where the sun never shines. Some data suggest that ice might be located in these areas, which means there would be oxygen and hydrogen, and therefore a source of fuel. He goes on to explain the efforts of various characters to explore these potentialities.

In the last decade, Zimmerman says that the US has been transitioning away from the Soviet model to the US model within which private enterprise operates, and that NASA is no longer the leader of everything done in this field. He dives into the details of what this means, what SpaceX has accomplished since entering this market, the purpose and design of what’s called the Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV), and so much more.

Press play for an in-depth conversation covering all things space and space tech with a true expert on the matter. To learn more, check out

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