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The European Space Agency (ESA) ARTES Program is an optional program for members of ESA that supports a number of projects, products, and applications. Instrumentation Engineer, Arnaud Runge, discusses an ESA business application program line called Business Space Solutions.

Tune in to learn the following:

  • What type of devices and products have been created by ARTES-supported companies and how they’ve provided a significant benefit to the wider community
  •  In what ways an ARTES-supported laboratory helped to clear an Ebola outbreak in an African village
  • The threat of ice crystals for pilots and air flight, and how predictive satellite data and monitoring can help


The Business Space Solutions program line at the ESA is focused on how to go about using all things space-related, such as communications via satellite, positional data, and various technologies to create new products and services for the enhancement of existing services or to meet new needs from different user communities.

The types of projects supported by ARTES fall into many categories, including health, telemedicine, insurance, tourism, and precision farming that will help farmers better utilize resources such as water and fertilizer.

Runge discusses a few specific examples of the products they’ve supported, which include a product capable of measuring parameters such as heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature that can be placed in aircrafts and connected to medical doctors on the ground.

This would eliminate the need for countless and costly flight diversions. He also talks about a laboratory that specializes in taking biological measurements in the context of epidemics like the recent Ebola outbreak. The technology works by utilizing satellite-based communication methods to connect various specialists with experts on the ground, and by facilitating the development of healthcare and treatment for the patients met.

This method of communication would prove invaluable in the event that a natural disaster rendered conventional forms of communication impossible.

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