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Managing diabetes as a type 1 through diet and exercise is a constant balancing act, but Eoin Costello feels he is healthier for the efforts he takes. Listen in as he discusses how he’s taken this challenging diagnosis head on and helps others understand and manage their own diabetes.

He discusses

  • How his routine helps him manage an effective type 1 diabetes insulin regimen,
  • What methods he uses to make his life simpler and easier under insulin action mechanisms, and
  • What lessons he’s learned from inspiring guests on his own podcast and how to learn more about him.

It was Christmas time, after all, so maybe all the celebrating was causing his symptoms, and the lack of sleep and increased celebratory drinking had led to his fatigue and excessive thirst. But a doctor’s call woke him up from that illusion and at age 19, Eion Costelloe learned he had incurable type 1 diabetes.

“I was old enough to understand how serious to take this, but young enough to not be set in my ways,” he says, showing his general positive outlook that has helped him manage his type 1 diabetes treatment with vigor and care.

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He already had a healthy lifestyle, heavily involved in sport, but he had to relearn how he went about his activities with this new challenge.

After posting what he learned to an Instagram page for a few years, he found he needed to enlarge the format: there was so much to engage with, that he started his own podcast called The Insuleion Podcast: Redefining Diabetes. On this podcast he shares own insights but also brings on guests from around the world with diabetes and lessons to offer.

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He says that because it’s a well-known yet not well-understood disease, the podcast works well to dispel myths but also inspire.

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He helps listeners with diabetes redefine for themselves what it means to live as a type 1, enlarging their outlook on what they can accomplish. He shares some of the lessons he’s learned from some memorable guests and ends this conversation on a positive note on what being a diabetic means to him at this point in life. 

For more about him, see his web page,, and find him on Instagram. His podcast is available through most podcast-streaming sites.

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