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On the day of the interview, Patrick Dugan had been having a good day. He’d been coding, and had gotten up some momentum. Everything was clicking. It was one of those days. But Dugan is much more than just a coder. Last year, serving on the board of Omni Foundation, he managed to enable product launches and increase annualized return.

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As host Richard Jacobs says, Patrick is a “man of many endeavors and talents.”

Within the Omni Foundation, Patrick’s main venture is called “BlockChain Yield.” BlockChain Yield is a way to issue bonds over BlockChain using the omnilayer protocol. “It is using the Bitcoin BlockChain as a ledger to manager operations and track control of assets,” says Dugan.

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To pull this off, Dugan had to go out of the country. “I searched all over the world for a regulatory body that would be potentially friendly to this kind of business and wouldn’t have such a high barrier to entry… Ultimately, we settled on applying under the Central Bank of Armenia.

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Hit play to hear the rest of Patrick Dugan’s story. Remember to review and subscribe, and if you can, donate a BitCoin or two. Every little bit helps.

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