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How can CRISPR technology be viewed in perspective past regular lab use? By examining the bacteria left after genetic editing, the potential for new research emerges.

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Press play to learn:

  • How the cell-free system works
  • The unanswered questions that remain in the field
  • How CAS-9 functions with mRNA

Chase Beisel, a Group Leader (W2) at Helmholtz Institute for RNA-based Infection Research in Würzburg (Germany), discusses his research using CRISPR bacteria beyond their typical scope of work.

While CRISPR is commonly used and known for manipulating DNA strings, there is actually a fascinating byproduct left behind. Using the bacteria responsible for the editing during the process, they are still viable for use after editing and can be seen as an extensive natural immune system.

By watching and studying how mRNA functions within the system, there may be possibilities for new technology.

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By recruiting mRNA and turning them into guide RNA, the nature of how this change occurs can be uncovered and applied to other areas of study.

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