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Seth Dillon had no idea that inquiring about becoming an investor in The Babylon Bee would result in his becoming CEO of the organization that is considered a conservative news satire website. After three years in that role, Dillion shares his thoughts about the ongoing success of The Babylon Bee and future endeavors.

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  • How satire works.
  • What misconceptions are associated with the Babylon Bee.
  • What impact the Babylon Bee has had in the past year.

The Babylon Bee has the look and feel of a traditional news publication. Some media outlets recognize that content on The Babylon Bee is satire. However, the satire is so good, it is sometimes mistaken for fact and passed along as such by unsuspecting readers. According to Dillon, the plausibility of the satire means there is some truth there.

In spite of being targeted by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, popularity of The Babylon Bee continues to grow. New services include an app in IOS and Android and a headline forum that will allow people to suggest headlines. Looking ahead, projects are in the works for expansion in distribution, developing content for a YouTube channel, and creating videos which is a new media for The Babylon Bee.

According to Dillon, levity is important in dark times. People seeking some respite from the daily dose of dismal news reports have discovered The Babylon Bee and Not the Bee, a humor-based social network for news, commentary, and entertainment. In effect, The Babylon Bee has become a mental refuge and its popularity continues to grow.

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