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Tom Kirkham joins the podcast once again to discuss issues surrounding cybersecurity. Tom is the founder and CEO of IronTech Security and Kirkham IT, where he provides cybersecurity defense systems and educates organizations on the importance of protecting their information.

In addition to his work at IronTech Security and Kirkham IT, Tom also recently authored Hack the Rich, a book that outlines the ten mistakes high-net-worth individuals make that give hackers control over their money, privacy, and confidentiality…

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of practicing the same cyber defense strategies with both business and personal devices.
  • The productivity tradeoffs that exist within security policies.
  • Protocols that high-profile individuals should use to protect themselves against cyberattacks.
  • How to keep yourself from being an easy target for hacking.

To discover more about Tom Kirkham and his work, visit now!

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