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Are beehives and productivity within it dependent on the quality of the queen’s mating habit? Surprisingly, just through smell, worker bees may judge the quality of various combinations.

Press play to learn:

  • What makes a good productive queen
  • The factors that may be more prevalent than colony collapse
  • How a honeybee’s microbiome impacts the hive

Dr. Elina L. Nino, an Associate Specialist in Apiculture, shares her work with various insects and apiculture in particular in an effort to improve the sustainability of the hive.

Despite colony collapse disorder’s prevalence in recent years, the health of a colony may rely on many more factors. In fact, even the general public can contribute to the health of the colonies in their area.

By varying chemicals we use and treating hives with probiotics, the health of the bees and colonies they are part of can be drastically improved. In addition, with improved data gathering techniques, the information we gather about various hives at different levels of health, we can begin to understand what makes a thriving hive.

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