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How can studying the vocal abilities of animals lend insight into their world? By studying acoustic patterns and cognition, a new understanding of how various animals can be gained.

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  • What animal has the largest brain to body ratio other than humans
  • How dolphins communicate to hunt
  • The impact of studying animal communication

Diana Reiss, Ph.D. Professor and Director of the Animal Behavior & Conservation MA & Certificate Programs, stops in to share her work studying the capacity of various species to communicate with one another and what it may indicate.

Many people know of the ability of parrots to mimic words and dolphins’ ability to echolocate. However, the vast majority do not understand the miraculous cognitive complexity needed to facilitate this ability in animals across the animal kingdom.

By attempting to understand how and why animals communicate or feel the need to mimic, humans can better understand how these species operate on a daily basis. But, sadly, this revelation also brings into consideration the inhumane treatment of many vastly intelligent creatures and the need to modernize our way of thinking.

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