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In this episode, we connect with Dr. Dominic Papineau, an Associate Professor in Geochemistry and Astrobiology at University College London. Dr. Papineau is a researcher that is interested in understanding the origin and evolution of life during Earth’s early history. He investigates these things so that he is able to further predict what might be found on other planets with both water and volcanism.

Join us as Dr. Papineau addresses topics such as:

  • How his background led him to his current research efforts.
  • What geological components can tell us about Earth’s early history.
  • What factors may have contributed to the evolution of consciousness on this planet.
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  • Hypotheses about the nature of early Earth.
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What can ancient complex lifeforms tell us about the origins of our planet and others like it? Dr. Papineau gives us his understanding of this question and others like it in this riveting conversation!

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You can find out more about Dr. Papineau and his work by visiting

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