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Sometimes it can be challenging to imagine what it would look like to change your relationship with stress and anxiety truly. But what if all it took to manage these emotions was learning to facilitate intentional quietness with your mind?

Joining us on this episode is Dr. Elvir Causevic, Esq., an entrepreneur and Professor.

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Utilizing his diverse background in both law and medicine, Dr. Causevic is currently devoting his time to teaching wisdom skills to people from all walks of life.

In this episode, Dr. Causevic talks about:

  • How mindfulness can be used for stress and anxiety management.
  • How ancient wisdom influences Dr.
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    Causevic’s approach to mindfulness.

  • What brain plasticity is, and what does it mean for your own psychological development.
  • The importance of trusting your gut, heart, and brain.
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Are you wondering about the benefits of mindfulness? Dr. Causevic connects with us here to share his insights on training the mind and what it can do for your overall mental and physical health.

To find out more about Dr. Causevic and his work, visit

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