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Alysa Hoffmeister, senior product marketing manager at Cutera (, discusses the expanding, changing, and exciting face and body aesthetic industry and how her company, Cutera, is solving problems and providing industry professionals with the tools to satisfy their patients’ needs. Hoffmeister explains the work they do at Cutera, developing advanced laser light and energy-based aesthetic systems for practitioners worldwide.

Hoffmeister is a seasoned medical device professional with a strong background in the industry. She is a results-oriented leader with extensive experience in sales, sales management and training, product/marketing management, and customer retention, as well as new business development. She is a powerful strategic sales professional who excels in advanced marketing for robust revenue growth. Her incredible experience includes tenure at Syneron Candela as their senior territory manager where she focused heavily on dermatology/plastic surgery and CO2RE Intima for OB/GYN. Additionally, Hoffmeister was VP of sales & marketing and general manager NA for DIP-Tech, territory sales manager and senior director of marketing at Alma Lasers, and the women’s health care and general imaging ultrasound senior account manager for Philips.

The aesthetic technology-marketing expert explains some of the technology behind their products, such as the effects of laser contact with the skin, blasting melanin, etc. She discusses the technical aspects such as wavelength and depth that pertain to laser work for tattoos, freckles, and other skin issues that concern patients.

Cutera develops devices that give medical aesthetic professionals the ability to evolve in the expanding and competitive face and body aesthetic industry. Cutera’s one-of-a-kind devices offer professionals the opportunity to innovate and provide new and exciting options for their patients, solutions that get results. As Hoffmeister explains, Cutera partners with physicians to fully understand their needs, in order to properly deliver ideal solutions that exceed their expectations and ultimately provide superior patient satisfaction. Cutera’s products are engineered at the highest level for maximum performance, safety, and efficacy.

Hoffmeister provides information and details about Cutera’s other products, such as their non-invasive radiofrequency devices that are utilized for fat destruction. But as Hoffmeister explains, their process is slow (about 12 weeks) and effective, a more measured response that targets the fat cells with heat, over time, so they can be eliminated through the body. She discusses their many products and how solutions need to be unique, tailored specifically to individual patient’s needs, and how Cutera’s goal is to make that possible. She details how Cutera’s solutions can target trouble areas for patients, reducing pockets of fat wherever they occur.

And Hoffmeister expounds upon the many areas that are popular and growing in the aesthetic care industry, but as she mentions, non-invasive fat reduction is by far the number one procedure in demand in the industry overall. She discusses the Cutera expansion and how demand for their products is booming, but Cutera is not a company that rests on its laurels and as such their research team is continually working to develop new, innovative products for the future, to help improve patients’ lives.

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