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What exactly is plant medicine? Can Psilocybin and other psychedelic medicinal plants really help treat mental health issues? Nadia Doe’s plant medicine meditation practice and other shamanic programs could provide much-needed answers.

Tune in to dive into:

  • Links between shamanism and psychotherapy
  • The importance of herbal medicine in shamanism
  • Releasing social constructs and embracing individual healing

Nadia Doe is the founder of Sacred Heart Medicine Sanctuary, a mobile religious institution for those who seek a non-traditional approach to spirituality. Her many titles include Ordained Minister, Reiki Master, Shadow Work Practitioner, and Spiritual Healer, along with holding a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a massage therapy license.

Nadia began her journey into shamanism, spiritual healing, and plant medicine while pursuing a goal of personal spiritual enlightenment after struggling with addiction and mental illness for many years. Today, she offers the same healing modalities she used to overcome her own traumas to lovingly hold space for others as a Shaman, or spiritual consultant.

Despite their former reputation as a dangerous street drug, Psilocybin mushrooms are now being studied by prestigious Johns Hopkins University and multiple plant-based medicine companies. So far, a small study has indicated that these “magic” mushrooms can rapidly reduce major depressive symptoms in adults in just two doses. For half of the study’s participants, relief lasted for a minimum of four weeks.

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Trauma takes many different shapes and we all suffer due to its covert effects. Nadia’s shamanistic practice focuses on utilizing Psilocybin and her own intuitive gifts in a ceremonial setting to facilitate the healing of trauma and the reclamation of personal power. She and her husband are currently in the process of purchasing land for the purpose of opening a permanent location for Sacred Heart to offer their spiritual services to the public on a much larger scale.

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Learn more about plant medicine, shamanism, spiritual healing, or mentorship at

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