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In today’s world, it seems that large marketplaces and corporations dominate. Many people go straight to Amazon when they’re looking for a product, where five million-sellers compete for business. This experience, however, lacks personalization, the benefit of buying local, and the opportunity to support small communities of makers who are creating organic, small-batch products. As a maker herself, Karen Rzepecki wanted to carve out a marketplace for makers of original brands to collaborate, learn, and grow from each other, all while providing consumers with unique, local products. With this goal in mind, Rzepecki founded Mason Jars Makerplace, where there are already over 100 sellers on the platform or signed up to be.

Rzepecki talks about some of the most popular products on the Mason Jars site, many of which are recipes for and ready-made fermented goods, including kombucha, vegetables, sauerkraut, hot sauce, and honey. She also discusses the benefit of having access to regional goods and loads of DIY resources.

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