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In this episode, we discuss geology, paleontology, and biology with Matthew A. McLain, Ph.D., an accomplished vertebrate paleontologist who researches dinosaurs, pterosaurs, phytosaurs, and more…

Dr. McLain is the Interim Dean of the School of Science, Math, Technology and Health, Department of Biological and Physical Sciences Chair, and Associate Professor of Biology and Geology at The Master’s University in Santa Clarita, CA. 

With years of experience in his field, Dr. McLain has authored and co-authored various publications in peer-reviewed journals – and is constantly refining his understanding of vertebrate paleontology.

Join us now to discover:

  • The key differences between archeology and paleontology.
  • Where most fossil research is done. 
  • The most critical tools for paleontology work. 
  • Why dinosaur names are constantly changing. 

Want to learn more about Dr. McLain and his work? Click here now!

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