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Jamie Burke, Founder, and CEO of Outlier Ventures provides an overview of bitcoin and blockchain and the ways that companies can aggressively push their businesses forward with emerging technologies.

Burke is a pioneer in the blockchain industry. As Europe’s 1st Web 3.0 blockchain venture builder, he and his team have pushed forward on utilizing blockchain as a significant key to emerging trends (AI, Mixed Reality, IoT, and Autonomous Robotics) that will play key roles in multiple industries such as Industry 4.0, eGovt, Health, Mobility, and Smart Cities.

Burke talks about his background in blockchain and cryptocurrency. He explains that he wanted to launch Outlier Ventures as a means to deal with the technology and tools that would be fundamentally changing the web and how it is structured, and subsequently society as a whole. Discovering bitcoin, he decided to immerse himself in the space, studying the technology, rooting out the problems, and identifying areas that could be improved upon.

Burke discusses the disconnect with proprietary business models building on open source technologies, meaning that even if an entity could create something truly unique, there was the problem of someone else potentially coming in and copying what you’ve created, and doing it at a lower price even.

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The technology guru explains the many ways that Outlier Ventures can assist companies, as an advisor or board member, helping them find the most efficient and aggressive ways to utilize emerging technologies.

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As he discusses, Outlier Ventures can help them design their token economy or assist them in designing their governance model.

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He explains how their staff of analysts really dig into the technology and the technology layers to maximize a company’s market-forward position.

Continuing, Burke talks about how Outlier Ventures invests in projects that reinforce their previous investments, which is a markedly different approach than what is considered a traditional VC path in which investments are diversified to offset risk.

Burke is a regular speaker at various conferences around the globe, and throughout his career he has amassed a strong network of significant corporate partners, investors, and government agencies as well, working together to build better tech for the benefit of many industries.

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