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It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie: people in a lab, printing human body parts composed of real, living tissues. But for the team at 3DBio Therapeutics, it’s just another day at the “office.”

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  • The most common problems with synthetic implants
  • How 3D bioprinting can aid in the creation of complex living tissues, like an ear or a nose
  • The easiest and most difficult types of tissues to implant in the human body (and why)

Daniel Cohen, Ph.D. is Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of 3DBio Therapeutics, a company that aims to create complex living tissues that can be implanted in the human body to treat various conditions.

Some areas of the body accept synthetic implants well, while others don’t. The team at 3D Biotherapeutics are focused on the areas that present the greatest challenges when it comes to synthetic implants.

Cohen explains the detailed process of creating living tissues using bioprinting techniques, and how they are able to recreate complex structures like human ears. He also discusses what this technology can and can’t currently accomplish, and where he sees it going.

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