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How can hyperbaric therapy be used to treat a wide range of ailments that may not be available to many? Since it is so aptly integrative, it offers solutions that help avoid specific other requirements of traditional treatments.

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  • Which applications can be treated with hyperbaric therapy
  • What to know before entering a hyperbaric environment
  • How frequently to seek treatment

Dr. Scott Sherr, an independent provider of hyperbaric medicine, shares his work with patients worldwide and the many benefits of hyperbaric oxygen.

By simulating the pressure one would experience while trying to breathe under specific seawater depths, oxygen levels can be controlled, leading to accelerated healing. Through consistent treatment and correct procedure, patients who cannot find success elsewhere have seen it with hyperbaric therapeutics.

Though there are initial challenges to consider before endorsing a patient seeking hyperbaric treatment, very few risks are involved. The initial improvements can be very promising for people through the course of treatment, with true healing in the brain occurring as sessions continue.

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