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There are roughly two million people globally who live without any form of identification or formal proof of existence.

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As a result, those people are excluded from economic, social and political systems. Yves Petitjean and Giorgio Zinetti are members of the team at Procivis, a Switzerland-based company that is developing digital identity applications on the blockchain in order to bridge the divide between those who do and those who don’t have the benefit of government-provided, trusted forms of identification.

“The convergence of what technology enables us to do today with this huge humanitarian problem creates an environment which is full of ideas and creativity, and we wanted to be a part of it. We wanted to start devising solutions…for these individuals…to provide them with a way to do it themselves through blockchain consensus,” says Zinetti.

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Procivis began this project by trying to answer this question: how has Estonia- a small country in Europe widely recognized as the tech hub of the world- managed to successfully implement a nationwide digital ID system, and why has the technologically-advanced country of Switzerland failed?

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Tune in to hear the answer, and visit to learn more.


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