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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Carlos Olguin, co-founder, and CEO, LogicInk (, provides an overview of the current state of wearable sensor technology that can help us to monitor our bodies and protect our health.

Olguin holds an MSc in information networking from Carnegie Mellon. Olguin discusses the range of conditions that we experience in our bodies throughout the day. He explains that wearables tend to be expensive, bulky, with high learning curves, and often require other devices to work with them, in tandem, and thus are not practical. Olguin’s company seeks to change all this, and they have with the launch of their tattoo-style wearables. Their products are placed on the skin and can deliver important information to the wearer about what is going on in their body or even alert them about environmental conditions, from alcohol-intake to hydration levels, and eventually glucose, to environmental contaminants, sun exposure and more.

Specifically, regarding sun exposure, LogicInk can help people to stay within daily recommended UV limits, as well as reveal the irreversible accumulation of UV on your skin. How does it work? The outer circle and bar will turn completely pink when someone reaches their daily UV limit for sensitive skin. And it’s all based on verified data from the World Health Organization. And the inner circle and dot show current UV exposure, in real-time. Olguin talks about the progress of their product development. Many products are currently in process and his team is working to deliver them to the marketplace, but currently they have shipped 25,000 units of their premiere product, LogicInk UV. Other electronic-based products require a smartphone—LogicInk does not. LogicInk has been developed with changing shapes and very bold colors so a user can see their UV status with a quick glance. And if they like, there is an optional mobile app to track UV exposure patterns across extended periods of time.

Olguin details how their sensors work and the data that their products deliver. He talks about the kinds of skin cancer that people develop, and the benefits of controlling your exposure to excessive, harmful sun exposure. He gives an overview of their environmental sensors and explains how they can alert users to potentially harmful pollutants in the environment. And with so much expansion and development, Olguin talks about their partnerships and investors, and his hopes for further product releases in the near future.

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