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Tommy Joiner, founder of Content Pros ( delivers a fascinating overview of content creation for businesses and how quality content is essential for attracting and keeping customers and buyers.

Joiner’s company, Content Pros, produces subscription-based, high quality written content for digital marketing as well as SEO agencies/ B2B software/ service/ and product businesses. As Joiner states, their content brings target buyers to you and engages them at a tremendous cost and time savings for your company.

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Joiner talks about the ways they fulfill content needs for their various clients. While many companies do want content, Joiner states that some do not have the hands on deck to produce the content they desire to push to their network, customers, and buyers. Joiner believes that quality content has to begin with high-quality content writers, and as such Content Pros seeks out the absolute best writers in the marketplace. They pay their writers more than the standard, and thus attract better writers because of that. And not only do they provide higher quality, their team turns around content orders significantly faster than most other services in the content space. Customer service matters to Joiner, and as such each of their accounts has a dedicated customer success manager, a specific assigned writer, as well as editor, which clients have access to directly.

Joiner discusses the way they build their base of quality writers and the areas of expertise and specialization their writers inhabit. As he states, their writer pool is so deep and diverse that most any client can benefit from having a writer on board who is a specialist in the subject area, instead of just a general writer as other content provider companies might put on the job. Joiner discusses the unique qualities of their writers and what he and his team look for in a new writer that they are considering.

The content guru details the various ways businesses can succeed by utilizing Content Pros’ services.

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Content Pros operates as an extra member of the company’s team, fulfilling their content needs in an efficient manner, and reaching potential customers or clients in an exciting way. Joiner states that many of their clients tend to work with the same writer ongoing, as that writer’s style becomes the central voice for the company’s content. Further, he talks about structure and consistency within the content and the importance of understanding what type of content yields the greatest value or return. He discusses the importance of different strategies and how long form content is often a great way to attract interest. Additionally, Joiner outlines the benefits of updating old content or posts to keep it fresh. And over time your entire content area becomes more valuable as you update.

Finally, Joiner discusses the packages that Content Pros offers for clients. Pricing options and different packages can be viewed online, and Joiner states that they offer a 100% money back guarantee, so there is no risk for anyone interested in giving the service a try. Content Pros will work until the client is truly satisfied, with no questions asked. They guarantee 100% satisfaction with unlimited revisions.

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And if a client simply is still not satisfied after revisions, then they can receive a full refund. With an offer like that, it seems obvious that every business would want to take a dive into the traffic-generating content space.

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