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It may not come as a surprise that many companies use Microsoft Excel for their business’s budgeting, planning, and reporting needs.

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However, the limitations of the Excel program mean that it may not always be the best tool for the job, especially once businesses reach a certain level of complexity.

Furthermore, this particular industry is dominated by a handful of companies that have begun to replace Excel. Vena Solutions aims to change all of this with their software solutions.

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Based on Excel, but with added functionality of the cloud, the ability to audit changes and decisions that are made, as well as other features, businesses can leverage Excel as a window into their information databases–keeping all the parts of Excel that work for them, and providing solutions for Excel’s natural limitations.

7 years of Research and Development went into making this product, and Don shares some of the more surprising insights that they have learned and used to improve their products. Don also discusses what he sees as the future of data aggregation and predictive analysis.

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