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Medtech Impact on Wellness

The healthcare costs for many patients with chronic issues, including diabetes, heart disease, and cancers are skyrocketing–and yet, many of these conditions are largely preventable. MintHealth hopes to improve patient health and lower costs with their healthcare platform, which will empower individuals to take charge in tracking their health, especially those with chronic conditions such as heart disease or diabetes.

Users will record health data, including blood sugar levels and diet, and can integrate with data from fitness wearables like FitBit.

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Users will also be able to download data from doctor’s visits, including medical imaging results, or share this data with medical providers as they choose. They will receive Vidamints in return for these actions, which they can redeem for lower premiums, use to pay for prescriptions or gym memberships, and more.

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This increases user awareness of their own health, and ultimately lowers the costs of healthcare for patients, doctors, and insurance companies alike. MintHealth can even send alerts to seek medical attention when dangerous readings are reported. Pilot studies have shown to reduce hospitalizations due to chronic conditions by 50%, making it a huge success, with even more updates and features to come.

For more information on the platform, visit For more information on the Vidamints token, visit www.

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