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Valkyrie has brought together some of the best minds to utilize artificial intelligence in operations management. This podcast presents a fascinating conversation on the latest ways artificial intelligence can impact decision making.

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  • Ways this applied-sciences firm uses biologists, chemists, and physicists to deploy deep learning techniques,
  • Some application examples, such as utilizing artificial intelligence in healthcare by developing prediction tools for a global ambulance company, and
  • Methods they use for financial services, from actuarial to forecasting models and doubling down on quantum-driven hedge funds.

Charlie Burgoyne, Valkyrie’s CEO, educates listeners on the phenomenal potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare, financial services, government applications, and even the entertainment and transportation space. He tells listeners to think of his firm as a modern-day Bell Labs, basically a research institute turned industrial team.

Valkyrie employs biologists, chemists, and physicists to work on different verticals, deploying algorithms and machine learning techniques to dramatically improve operational efficiencies and customer retention.

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He adds that while they do a degree of consulting, they’re predominately scientists solving industrial problems.

He shares some of these challenges that AI easily meets, such as helping the largest ambulance company in the world develop COVID modeling predication tools and resource allocation plans. For example, they can predict what counties are likely to have an outbreak of disease and why, and inform them how to best provide and allocate PPE accordingly.

He adds that their most impactful projects live in the defense sector, identifying different types of behavior that help complex data systems adjust new data and develop supporting algorithms.

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But a nice vacation is also on their list of services, and they’ve recently helped a large cruise line identify which systems are creating failures, what can be optimized, and how they can develop operational capabilities to keep the ocean clean and still expand their operation.

He finishes with an interesting discussion of their approach to financial services and where they go against the grain by embracing quantum-driven hedge fund models. Listen in to learn more about how Valkyrie deploys AI for a better future.

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For information about the company, see their website at

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