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Peter Jay Hotez, Dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine, discusses vaccinations, the anti-science movement, and other critical issues regarding modern medicine. Additionally, the discussion covers global health issues, vaccination for hookworm infection, and other important information on vaccines.

As a vaccine scientist, pediatrician, and parent, Hotez discusses his great concern over the rising anti-science and anti-vaccine movements that are sweeping the nation. He discusses the chatter in the anti-science community that has tried to make the case that vaccines cause autism. He explains how this false narrative has pushed its way through and gained steam.

As a parent of a child who has autism and disabilities, he states that he has become a voice in this dialogue, due to his certainty that his child did not in any way develop autism due to any vaccines.

He explains how the anti-vaccine community has pushed this false narrative, and how they have no facts to back their assertions. With hundreds of anti-vaccine websites, and media exposure, Hotez states that this movement is beginning to impact public health negatively. 

Hotez recounts some of the cases he has handled as a pediatrician, discussing some of the diseases that have diminished over time due to successful vaccines. From anti-vaccine movements to genetically-modified organism movements to climate denial, and more, the war being waged against real, proven science is growing at an alarming rate. And Hotez states that the ‘new normal’ is dangerous, as anti-science takes hold in the wider public discourse. 

Continuing, Hotez discusses his recommendations to patients and the public about how to get correct information on science and vaccines. He states that pharmacists and pediatricians/doctors should be the trusted sources for vaccine and medical information.

And he states that people should be very cautious when they source information from the internet. Wrapping up, he discusses some of the most important vaccinations that people should be getting, and other information about protecting your health. 

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