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In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Joanna Sadler, a Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Edinburgh. With a Ph.D. in biocatalysis and organic chemistry, Dr. Sadler joins us to share her thoughts on plastic degradation, up-cycling, fungus and bacteria, and more…

Dr. Sadler has always thought about science from a chemical perspective and is particularly interested in how we can make industrial chemicals in a more sustainable way. This curiosity has blossomed into up-cycling post-consumer waste to be used in other industrial chemicals – amongst other intriguing research.

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Click play to discover:

  • The importance of making industrial chemicals more sustainably. 
  • What up-cycling is, and how it contributes to the manufacturing of new materials. 
  • How fungus and bacteria can degrade and up-cycle plastic.

Could this approach to chemistry mitigate the harmful environmental impacts of chemical pollution? Find out for yourself by listening now!

Want to learn more about Dr. Sadler and her research? Click here now!

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