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Do pre and probiotics have healing and preventive powers? In an age of pharmaceutical solutions, finding sustainable and holistic health practices is critical. How can we leverage gut health to fight sickness and disease? Noelle Patno, the Chief Science Officer at Bened Life, sits down to explain…

Noelle has a Ph.D. and MS from the University of Chicago in molecular metabolism, nutrition, and translational sciences. She also has a BA in chemical engineering from Stanford University. With her work surrounding digestive health, the microbiome, and immune health, Noelle has designed and monitored clinical trials – resulting in publications on probiotics and prebiotics.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • The top conditions that gut health can impact.
  • How altering serotonin and dopamine in the brain can impact children with autism.
  • Why our gut microbiome is important to our brain chemistry and behaviors.
  • Essential insights on the probiotic Ps-128.

To learn more about Noelle and her work with Bened Life, click here now!

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