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CBD has been on the rise for years. Since it’s become widely available to consumers, the innovations have been endless. So, what are companies doing to stay at the cutting edge of CBD production and marketing? Jameson Rodgers joins the podcast to break it down.

Jameson is the Co-Founder of CBDfx, a company that is dedicated to delivering the finest, purest, and most effective CBD products to new and experienced users alike. Launched in 2014, CBDfx is on a mission to make the remarkable wellness benefits of CBD accessible to as many people as possible…

CBDfx products are formulated to boost overall wellness and deliver calm vibes for daytime and nighttime use. CBDfx uses only organically grown hemp and all-natural ingredients. CBDfx is offering our listeners an exclusive 25% OFF plus a free CBD bath bomb with your first purchase, when you use code GENIUS. Don’t miss this special 25% OFF offer for Finding Genius listeners only at Offer expires August 31st, 2023. Feel the difference with CBDfx!

In this conversation, you will discover:

  • The events that led to the start of CBDfx.
  • The benefits associated with CBD. 
  • The three different types of CBD products. 
  • How CBD interacts with other supplements.

To learn more about Jameson’s work with CBDfx, click here now!

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