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In this episode, we sit down with Brandon Beachum, a serial entrepreneur, thought leader, and co-founder of ResortShare. After achieving tremendous success in his business ventures, Brandon shifted his focus to his greatest passion: exploring consciousness and the “ultimate nature of reality.” He has since been sharing his wisdom and empowering others through The Positive Head Podcast as the host of a late-night style talk show, Optimystic.

In January of 2021, Brandon released The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance, a book offering practical and grounded advice on personal evolution. Drawing from 25 years of trial, error, and deep exploration, he provides readers with the 8 keys to abundance – enlightening those willing to take the ride…

Click play now to uncover:

  • What led Brandon to start his search for the “Golden Key” so many years ago.
  • How to harness the energy of vibrational energy.
  • The quickest way to achieve abundance.
  • How to balance motivation with contentment.

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