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“You can’t be afraid of anxiety and depression; you need to approach it head on and realize exactly what it is, and exactly how the mind frames things to keep us involved with…the habits of anxiety and depression,” says Luciani.

Anxiety and depression aren’t usually seen as habitual, but should they be?

Press play to discover:

  • How someone gets into a habit loop of anxiety and depression
  • The connection between insecurity (lack of self-trust), the desire to control life, and stress
  • When and why anxiety and depression begin to replace ‘stress’ or ‘duress’
  • In what ways people can become victimized by their own mind

Joe Luciani is a clinical psychologist and bestselling author of Unlearning Anxiety and Depression: The 4-Step Self-Coaching Program to Reclaim Your Life. But it wasn’t until he chose to break away from his formal training and look at therapy with a fresh and intuitive standpoint—one that is a matter of engagement between therapist and patient—that he even started understanding the ideas that form the basis of his book.

Once he started seeing anxiety and depression as habits, they became demystified, which allowed him to consider how the mind can unlearn those habits.

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