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How do our mental and cognitive states interact with each other? Research has shown that everything is connected – meaning that our brains have an immense impact on the rest of our physical bodies…

Joining us in this episode is Bishoy Goubran, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow Physician at Rush University Medical Center. Bishoy is an expert in Autism spectrum disorder and psychotic and affective disorders with post-doctoral clinical research training in Behavioral and Cardiovascular medicine.

Drawing from his vast background in medicine, Bishoy is interested in digging deeper into understanding the phenomenon of the mind.

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Jump into the conversation now to discover:

  • How belief systems can affect physiological components of the body.
  • The role that the “sympathetic nervous system” plays in our biological being.
  • What heart rate variability is, and what it can tell us about the nervous system.
  • What happens when the parasympathetic state is disrupted.

Want to learn more about Bishoy and his work? Click here now!

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