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Why has pancreatic cancer continued to stump scientists, despite decades of research? Due to its unique traits and development of tumors, it presents tricks that continue to elude treatment.

Listen up to learn:

  • The two types of pancreatic tumors
  • How the pancreas can be examined
  • Why so many researchers are drawn to pancreatic cancer

Ben Z. Stanger, a Hanna Wise Professor of Cancer Research at the University of Pennsylvania, shares his work bridging the gap from developmental biology to the world of pancreatic cancer.

Since the development of pancreatic cancer can remain hidden or undetected for so long, early or preventative treatment that is effective in other forms of cancer is less effective.

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In addition, since there are very rarely physical signs of a pancreatic tumor developing, it may even be difficult for an individual to tell that something is wrong before it is too late.

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However, with new research into metabolism and immunology, there have been promising results on mice when tested in the lab.

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Since pancreatic cancer has so many tricky paradoxes, it draws researchers to study since the opportunity to find overarching cancer treatments are bountiful.

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