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How can we unplug ourselves and disconnect from technology addiction? By remaining mindful and limiting the role technology has in our lives, future generations may nurture a more sustainable relationship.

Listen in to learn:

  • How technology forms a stranglehold on your life
  • Some options we have when disconnecting
  • The action which can be taken to help the younger generations

Ben Pring, the Vice President, Head of Thought Leadership, and Managing Director at Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, shares his insight into technology and why we can all benefit from disconnecting.

While technology has introduced unheard-of miracles in many of our lives, it has also introduced almost incomprehensible challenges to future generations. Since technology offers so many benefits, it has also been incredibly addictive, and it may be just as harmful as others.

Since it may prove difficult to put this proverbial genie back in a bottle, some solutions to curb this effect in future generations will be posed. However, this will be an effort that each and every one of us will need to take seriously, especially in the years to come.

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