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Why can strangers from similar cultures seem to get along without missing a beat? With constant unconscious mindshaping occurring as early as childhood, many people have been shaped into similar ways of thinking and being. Listen up to learn:

  • How mindshaping happens and what it is
  • Ways to combat negative or unwanted mindshaping
  • Modalities that shape our minds

Tadeusz Zawidzki, the Department Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy at the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, shares his research on mindshaping and the effects on those who have been affected.

Strangers seem to be able to get along, even if they have seemingly very little in common. This phenomenon may be due to mindshaping, which is one of the unique behavioral influences that make us human.

Mindshaping is a hypothesis that states we can coordinate and cooperate with other individuals with whom we have no personal knowledge. This may be due to shared cultural aspects and common experiences like education, imitation of role models, and media absorption.

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