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In this episode, we connect with Hannah Collins to discuss the ongoing issue of microplastic contamination. Hannah is a Ph.D. student in Oceanography at the University of Connecticut, Avery Point where she currently focuses her research on microplastics and their impact on marine bivalves (mollusks), and biological solutions to microplastic-related problems.

Microplastics seem to find their way into everything – including marine environments. So what is this pollution doing to sea creatures such as clams, mussels, and oysters? Hannah is committed to finding out…

Join the conversation and you will learn about:

  • The microbial communities that form on microplastics, and how they affect bivalves.
  • How bivalves’ digestive systems work, and how they deal with contaminants like microplastics.
  • A potential concern that scientists have regarding nanoplastics and marine life.
  • Interesting facts surrounding the microbiome of bivalves.

Want to uncover more about Hannah’s research with the University of Connecticut? Click here now!

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