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Can the aging process actually be reversed or prevented? The answer to this age-old question is explored in today’s show.

Tune in to learn:

  • What changes about the way DNA is read as we get older, and how this could hold the key to reversing cellular aging
  • What differs between old and young tissues, and why they heal differently
  • Whether it’s the loss of stem cells or the loss of function of stem cells that might explain the aging process

New research on the biological basis of tissue rejuvenation potential suggests that developing therapeutics for the restoration of old and damaged tissues is possible.

With the use of machine learning, hundreds of thousands of small molecules are being screened for activities which promote rejuvenation and youthfulness in cells and tissues.

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Once identified, those small molecules are converted into pill form and given to mice that are aging rapidly, or that are likely to develop an age-related disease.

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Researchers then look at whether these drugs really do create the desired effect: the delay, reversal, or prevention of tissue aging and disease.

Press play for an in-depth discussion of all this and more.

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