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Is your anxiety true or false?

You might be thinking “It’s TRUE anxiety—it’s real, not false, and I’m not making it up.”

It turns out your anxiety might be of both types, but this does not mean you’re making up anything at all.

Tune in to explore:

  • The difference between true and false anxiety, and which one to tackle first
  • Why many people have become culturally conditioned to seek the “coddling” approach to mental health issues, and how this detracts from self-empowerment
  • The relationship between anxiety and physiology (especially blood sugar levels)
  • In what ways psychedelics can help people access inner truths, inspiration, and true engagement in their lives

“Genetics loads the gun, environment pulls the trigger.” This simple phrase reflects the underpinnings of Dr. Vora’s work as a holistic psychiatrist.

She believes everyone has the ability to influence their mental health, simply because a person’s diet and lifestyle determine how their mental health manifests.

People who seek new avenues of relief for their anxiety—beyond or altogether outside of prescription medication—come to see Dr. Vora. These avenues almost always lead straight to the physiological conditions of the body that relate to mental health, such as blood sugar levels, hormonal imbalances, digestion, and sleep patterns.

After that, Dr. Vora works with patients on a deeper, often psycho-spiritual level.

Interested in learning more?

Follow Dr. Vora on Instagram @EllenVoraMD, check out, and find a copy of her book The Anatomy of Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming the Body’s Fear Response.

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