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Medtech Impact on Wellness

During the Ebola outbreak in Africa in 2014, a response camp was designed in order to create a clinical environment that included observation bays, recovery bays, and areas for isolation.

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When the project didn’t go through at the last minute, the assets in place had to be burned due to an inability to disinfect the canvas structures that made up the camp. Not only is this an unsustainable use of resources, but the lack of pre-existing medical public health infrastructure created conditions conducive to an outbreak in the first place.

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Clinics On Wheels wants to develop medical public health infrastructure in austere environments in order to provide general public healthcare on a regular basis, while also being ready to respond immediately should an outbreak occur. In this episode, Tony Cowan, Director of Emergency Response Technology for Clinics on Wheels explains the varied uses and economic benefits of quality care that has mobile capabilities.

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For more information, visit, or their parent company, World Housing Solution, at You can also email Cowan directly at

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