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Steve Zarpas, President and CEO at PHK Inc. ( discusses ketones, and his company’s mission. Zarpas’ company, PowerHouse Ketones is a beverage company that features 100% bioavailable, all-natural ketones that mimic ketones that our livers naturally produce.

Steve attended George Washington University where he majored in the scientific areas of chemistry and biology. Zarpas talks about his early interest in ketones, and the exciting new field of exogenous ketone supplementation that has created a buzz in the health community. Zarpas discusses the many and varied, immense benefit of ketones and ketone supplementation. And as ketones produce more energy per each breath of air than carbohydrates do, they are an excellent way to not only improve health but make our bodies more efficient in processing. Unfortunately, to date, many people do not experience the incredible physical and cognitive energy benefits that come with a ketone-fueled body and mind, because the American diet is largely carbohydrate based.

Zarpas discusses bioactivity, and how ketones work. He explains the differences—ketone esters versus salts, but makes the distinction that his particular focus is on ketone acid, which is exactly what the liver makes when the body converts fat into ketones.

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The ketone and good health enthusiast talks about some of the best ways to utilize ketone acid. Zarpas talks about their upcoming products, such as their functional beverage that some early testers have said tastes great. Effects can be seen quickly, and it promotes the production of endogenous ketones.

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He talks about the benefits to athletes as well as sedentary people. The cognitive effects are obvious and the improvements in energy level and sharpness are demonstrable. And Zarpas explains how he uses the product to increase his endurance, increase recovery, and energy.

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