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SumAll automates operations for independent businesses using the power of data and AI. Over 350,000 users trust SumAll to automate social media marketing. Our product connects data from more than 40 platforms (revenue, web analytics, social, and email marketing) to generate and post the optimal social media content to drive business success.

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Our newest products – found at – automate inventory purchasing and staff scheduling for brick and mortar businesses like cafes.

By connecting to the mobile point of sale system in a physical establishment we can gather historical sales data that, along with other proprietary inputs, feeds into our sales forecasts. Based on these forecasts we can effectively predict the needed inventory levels and place orders on our users behalf. We’re proud to save owners time and money that they can reinvest in growing their business.

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Founded in 2011, SumAll is headquartered in New York City.

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We’re passionate about helping small businesses succeed and believe in the power of data to change the world

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