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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Mike Dannheim, co-founder of Sensie (, provides a useful overview of the many ways his company’s platform can identify stress and help sufferers alter it or eliminate it altogether. Sensie is built on evidence-based solutions that seek to improve emotional health and general well being. Sensie’s platform applies artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to sensor data from the gyroscope and accelerometer in order to detect micro-movements that characterize the body’s response to stress.

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As our bodies are often indicators of our well being, the signs of stress can be apparent in our speech and physical movements. Sensie’s sensors will discover a person’s state of harmony or disharmony and provide signals. Within the app, the iPhone can be used to measure factors such as movement that could indicate disharmony, or a state of comfort, etc. According to various research studies, when the body is in balance, muscles are stronger and overall movement is fluid, and the exact opposite is true in times of high stress.

Dannheim explains how Sensie’s platform can probe in search of the underlying cause of the stress, whether it’s emotional (such as fear, anxiety, or sadness), or otherwise, and help the user to reduce or alter the current state to achieve balance.

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Dannheim discusses how he consulted with Dr. Anne Jensen, who studied the effects of nonconscious beliefs at Oxford University, to create some of the mechanisms on which Sensie’s operational techniques are founded.

Essentially, Sensie operates in a similar manner as a lie detector test. It seeks to discover potential conflicts that could be initiating one’s stress. Utilizing memory reconsolidation, Dr. Jensen’s approach helps users to change their memories in order to reduce their inherent stress. Memory reconsolidation is the process of accessing and reorganizing the information in a memory, which allows the mind to gravitate toward a healthier version of the memory. Dannheim provides a detailed overview of the step by step process that the Sensie app uses to check for stress and eliminate it by offering input, advising on gestures to perform to help detect for the presence of stress, and of course by providing further tools to help combat the stress.

The stress-reduction technology expert details how movement and posture, as well as muscle tension and relaxation, are all factors that are intrinsic to our emotional states, from well being to stress, anger, etc. And as the Sensie app measures fluidity, it essentially connects the dots to enable the app to recognize when stress is present, which is the first step in the guided process it uses to bring someone back to balance.

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Ultimately, whatever Sensie detects, from sadness to anxiety to anger, it offers real solutions and techniques to reduce stress by making physical and mental changes.

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