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Not long ago, blogging was an activity done primarily by hobbyists, but over time it has evolved into something that brands embrace in order to boost awareness of and advertise their products. According to Lindsay Tjepkema, the same trend is playing out with podcasts.

In today’s episode, she discusses her work with Casted, a High Alpha portfolio company based in Indianapolis that’s offering the world’s first-ever B2B podcasting platform. Casted is helping podcasting companies and hosts make the very most of every single episode rather than follow the “one and done” method that dominates the arena.

Those who sign up with the Casted platform can simply submit the audio recording of an episode and receive a transcript that will allow them to dive deeper into the material and make the most of it by pulling clips that will resonate with their audience, posting highlights from the episode on blogs and social media, creating Q&A articles based on the content, and repurposing the content for myriad applications.

Tune in for more details and visit more info.


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