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Modern athletic shoes seem to be constantly changing and improving, with the newest versions usually coming out with extra padding in certain locations and backed by claims of being good for your body by absorbing the shock of running. But does anyone ever ask to see the evidence that supports the claims these major shoe companies are making? Is there anything to be said for less padding…for a shoe that allows the foot to function more in the way that it would without a shoe at all? According to Steven Sashen and a growing body of research, the answer is a resounding yes.

Steven Sashen is now the head of Xero Shoes, a company that focuses on letting your foot do what it was meant to do: flex, bend and actually feel the surface it’s contacting. The modern shoe restricts this movement and prevents this sensation, essentially immobilizing your foot, and as a result, weakening it over time.

In today’s episode, Sashen discusses the ins and outs of his products, the science behind their design and how an understanding of human anatomy guided it, and his personal experience with and without Xero Shoes.

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