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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Seqster Founder and CEO Ardy Arianpour explains how the company integrates multiple data sources regarding health care into one system.

He discusses

  • How they integrate human genetic information, medical records, and wearable devises,
  • How this becomes a longitudinal record sharable across institutions, and 
  • Why this improves our health care treatment and experience.

Ardy Arianpour is a genomics executive and serial entrepreneur in the biotechnology industry and has launched several clinical and consumer-based genetic tests in past companies.

He co-founded Seqster in January of 2016. He describes the company as a SaaS healthcare platform used by enterprises in health care fields. It enables organizations to drive efficient healthcare via a comprehensive collection of medical records and electronic health record (EHR) data. It also includes a patient’s genomic profile and human genetic information along with any wearable device data and puts this all in one place, allowing individuals to share that data and create a longitudinal health record.

He addresses issues of privacy as well, emphasizing the patient-centric mode of this information and the empowering nature of the data alongside protective technology. He provides examples of the usefulness of this platform such as a caregiver’s handling of a relative’s cancer treatments, having to deal with six different health systems. Rather than lugging binders and CDs of information, all data can be shared across institutions with Seqster.

Finally, he shares some recent additions to the system such as a covid-19 compass symptom checker module that is built into the platform for research subjects who may have been exposed. He adds that they are assessing the growth in telehealth, and says that a weakness in telehealth is sharing data, a weakness that Seqster can address. 

For best ways to learn more, see, follow them on twitter through @Seqster, and find them on LinkedIn.


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