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Why are we on this Earth? While it can be challenging to answer for many, it is one of the most important questions we can attempt to answer. Press play to learn:

  • How Pastor Max Lucado found his way to God
  • The story of Esther and the important takeaways from it
  • How God intended our lives to be

Max Lucado, a pastor, speaker, and best-selling author, joins the podcast to share his message of faith and what can be learned from the biblical story of Esther.

We are in a season of global calamity, and it is more important than ever to attempt to understand one another and offer understanding rather than judgment. The story of Esther is a perfect reflection of how God can get us through such a difficult season.

During a time of great crisis, Esther stood in the face of it with an unyielding belief that God had a larger plan. Through her exposure, those in the story gained a greater understanding of the situation, and a catastrophe was avoided.

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